White Wizards Games : The Epic Card Game Digital!

The Epic Card Game Digital: Reviewed by De Leon

Publisher: White Wizard Games

Available on: IOS, Android, & Steam

Price: Free

About: Epic Digital is a fast-paced card game of fantasy combat designed by Hall of Fame Magic: the Gathering players Rob Dougherty and Darwin Kastle. It features the amazing gameplay and beautiful art of a trading card game. Epic Digital is designed around the idea of having every card available to every player. You aren’t forced to spend money or hours of your time chasing down hard-to-find cards just to build the deck that you want to play.

My Overall Thoughts

The Epic Card Game is really fun and a Flawless transition from physical to digital playthrough at that! the app comes with a lot of cards to mess around with to build customizable decks before having to approach the store which is more for hard to get cards from what I’ve seen because it seems most of their latest cards are already in-game to try out first which is really cool before getting them physically. The gameplay goes by really fast once gotten down all the rules and procedures. Rather than having to have mana to play a card, in epic you need gold and at that most cards are 0 to 1 gold, now you may be thinking whoa I’m going to have a full mat of cards in play which may be so in some cases but that can quickly change if your opponent banishes your a number of your cards leaving your main health vulnerable because after all key to winning is getting your opponent down to 0 life. With cards being so little in cost depending on the 1st turn you or your opponent can cast out your strongest card if it’s in your hand that turn and make an easy win or brutal one-sided match. Finally Epic is an addicting fun game with fast-paced matches that keep you wanting to go back for more and more building and testing decks looking and strategizing quicker ways to win.  keep it here for everything card games & Mobile Games!