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Saturday Night Collectibles Episode 2 is Out Now

The second episode of DTS Gaming Crew new hit show called Saturday Night Collectibles is out now! Follow John and Mike as they showcase some cool things in this episode such as an Ovewatch Xbox One edition, Twisted Metal Funko Pop and much more!   Watch Here: Find them Here: Facebook : DTS_gamingcrew Instagram : […]

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Here’s what happened in June! 🎉

Bullet♥︎ is going to press soon! Greetings! It’s been an eventful month of June, to be sure! Here’s a quick recap of what’s happened from me and all your other friends at Level 99 Games! During this month, we completed our latest Kickstarter for Bullet♥︎! The game has been a ton of fun to work […]

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GooseBumps: Dead of Night

GooseBumps: Dead of Night Reviewed by: John Cano On Xbox One Growing up my favorite book series was Goosebumps, and after playing this game it brought back nothing but nostalgia for me to say the least. Goosebumps was a series of children’s horror fiction novels by American author R. L. Stine, published by Scholastic Publishing. […]

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Dino 1944 KS: Final Week

“Come here! You’ll make a nice coat, buddy.”    Pvt. HamblinFinal Week of Dinosaur 1944 on Kickstarter!The Dinosaur 1944 campaign already ends this Friday, so this week’s newsletter is all about our newest game—excited previews and comments are already showing up all over the world! Be sure to watch Sandy walk through how to play Dinosaur […]

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The Dark Eye: Book of Heroes Review

The Dark Eye: Book of Heroes Review The Dark Eye: Book of Heroes is based off the popular German tabletop roleplaying game (RPG) that’s akin to Dungeons & Dragons. I only recently learned about the series a few months back as it had just received an English translation in 2016 thanks to its successful Kickstarter […]

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Only 12 Hours left to back Bullet♥︎!

12 Hours Remain   Join us for a final countdown stream at 10:45pm (MDT) where we will play Bullet♥︎ discuss future plans, and celebrate you—the fans who have made this project possible!     Pledge Now   Thanks so much for being a part of Level 99 Games and participating in our latest project! As always, […]

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Dino 1944 KS is LIVE!

Dinosaur 1944: Kickstarter Now Live!   Don’t miss our newest board game Kickstarter: Dinosaur 1944! The Mother of All FUBARs. Dinosaur 1944 is Sandy’s new cooperative strategy game where players take on the roles of WWII US Marines fighting off a swarm of prehistoric terrors on a jungle island. Help us with your pledge to […]

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Tabletop Tactics: Heroclix Fantastic Four & Dr. Doom

Tabletop Tactics: Heroclix Fantastic Four & Dr. Doom Tabletop Tactics is an article series that spans several games and is meant to give experienced gamers and gamers who are trying to become more competitive a deeper look into some of the strategies they can use to learn to optimize their game. In this Heroclix battle […]

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Maximum Apocalypse: RPG Live on Kickstarter

Maximum Apocalypse: RPG Live on Kickstarter Maximum Apocalypse: Roleplaying Game (RPG) went live today on Kickstarter, and is a RPG based on the acclaimed board game series of the same name. You can read my review on Maximum Apocalypse: RPG here. The pledges begin at the introductory price of $10 which gets you the core rulebook […]

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Prepare for an Incredible Fantasy Adventure as Cooperative Multiplayer RPG The Dark Eye: Book Of Heroes is Available Now (PC)

Gather your Friends and Engage in Action and Adventure in the Land of Aventuria MUNICH, GERMANY (June 9, 2020) — Wild River Games, the German publisher of console hit Windstorm, in close collaboration with developer Random Potion and rights owner Ulisses Spiele, today released The Dark Eye: Book of Heroes, their action-RPG based on the popular The Dark Eye tabletop RPG. […]