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Silver Chains Xbox Series S Review

Ready for reoccurring nightmares? Ready to sleep with your night light on? Ready to be scared your socks off? The game we were able to review is called Silver Chains by Headup Games! This is a horror game where you must figure out the dark secrets of the house while hiding from a ghostly owner […]

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Undying Review

Undying is a survival horror game like no other I have ever played. you start the game bit from a zombie and must teach your son how to live. A huge task in teaching a lifetime of skills when your clock is winding down. All while keeping yourself healthy to slow down your fate. Gameplay […]

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Unmetal Xbox Series S Review X Out Now

Unmetal is a fun and exciting game that will have you yelling JESSE FOX! You enter a world of military espionage and false imprisonment that leads to the question: how did you escape? Everyone wants to know the story! What happened? How did you do it? Well Jesse Fox, our narrator and hero, tells you […]

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Space Jam A New Legacy Xbox Series S Review

Space Jam: A New Legacy The Game is out now for FREE to Xbox users.¬†We found the game in the Top Free Game section on our Xbox Series S dashboard! The download was quick as it was only 520MB and was able to start the game. I have to say this: One of the most […]