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Blackwind PS4 Game Review

Blackwind is a top-down hack n slash mixed with shooter game. You are in an experimental mech and must fight your way in a nonstop action game. A fast-paced game is full of enemies coming at you from everywhere. The gameplay is fast and fun nonstop action mixed with some puzzle solving. Controls are straightforward […]

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Okinawa Rush PS4 Gaming Review

Okinawa Rush is a fast-paced side scroller from No Gravity games. Play as one of three Master Hiro, Meilin, or Shin as you up against the Black Mantis. The game offers arcade mode and co-op to play with a friend. This game gave me heavy retro vibes of games like Double Dragon and Alter Beast […]

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Dysterra Beta Test Review

Got a chance to play Dysterra on the second beta test. A survival game in an open world where you must gather items and the ore-like mineral. To save your new homeland send back to collect it when things go south and must now survive on old earth. A fun game so far the open-world […]


Forgive Me Father Game Review

Forgive me Father is a super-fast pace FPS in the throwback style of old-school Doom-style games.  Faced with some Lovecraft-style monsters this game is a fun fast pace shooter. Done in a retro-style I grew up playing makes me feel right at home playing. Monsters come at you fast and keep coming a fast game […]

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Undying Review

Undying is a survival horror game like no other I have ever played. you start the game bit from a zombie and must teach your son how to live. A huge task in teaching a lifetime of skills when your clock is winding down. All while keeping yourself healthy to slow down your fate. Gameplay […]


Starship Troopers – Terran Command Try the demo from October 1st

Starship Troopers – Terran Command Try the demo from October 1st This evening at 5pm UTC the Steam Next Festival will commence. It is a six-day long event on Steam in which many upcoming games will make demos available to play for free. We have great news: Starship Troopers – Terran Command will be doing […]



BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment America Inc. today released a brand new trailer showcasing Itachi Uchiha (Reanimated), who has officially joined the NARUTO TO BORUTO: SHINOBI STRIKER playable roster as the third member of Season Pass 4. To see if you’re strong enough to resist the Sharingan master’s legendary genjutsu, head over to the following YouTube link […]


It’s Time to Get Creative! Demo Now Available for Virtual Hobby Simulator Model Builder

It’s Time to Get Creative! Demo Now Available for Virtual Hobby Simulator Model Builder London, UK 1st October, 2021. Green Man Gaming Publishing and developers Moonlit S.A are pleased to reveal that there will be a demo version of the upcoming PC virtual hobby simulator, Model Builder available to download from today as part of […]


Warcraft Mod Turned Strategy Hit ‘Legion TD 2’ Launches Today

Warcraft Mod Turned Strategy Gem ‘Legion TD 2’ Launches On Steam Having smashed through its time in Early Access, are you ready to assemble your army? Tampa, FL, October 1st – Legion TD 2 has officially left Early Access and is now available on Steam for $15.99/€13.59/£12.39 (with a 20% launch discount). After selling over […]


tinyBuild joins the Steam Next Fest with 5 great demos

We have a stellar lineup of games at this year Steam October Next Fest and we cannot wait for everyone to try our demos. Whats going on? Five awesome games featured in the NEXT FEST. Some great Community and Developer streams. (more information and schedule) Youtube Trailer SpiderHeck: Physics based, 2D Fighter, Local Multiplayer, PvP and Parkour. […]