This is what we got in store for Limited Run Games this week!

We’re thrilled to continue our partnership with SNKP this Friday with a Limited Run for Samurai Shodown V, available in two batches at 10am & 6pm ET on Priced at $29.99.

We will also have a CE for Samurai Shodown V Special on the PS4! This CE contains a custom shockbox by Fangamer, a commemorative mini NEOGEO cartridge, art cards, and a reversible poster. Priced at $59.99.

Get yours at 10am & 6pm ET this Friday, March 13 on


And finally we’re releasing Samurai Shodown VI in physical format for the PS4. This Limited Run is available as a standard edition only, and will be on sale in our two batches at 10am & 6pm ET on Friday, March 13. Priced at $29.99.


We’re happy to announce that Tiny Metal Ultimate, the compilation of Tiny Metal and Tiny Metal: Full Metal Rumble, is getting a Limited Run for the Switch! Tiny Metal Ultimate will be available to pre-order for two weeks starting at 10am ET on Friday, March 13. Priced at $39.99.


Don’t forget – our exclusive quadruple-LP Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night soundtrack will be available in limited quantity this Friday at 10am ET. It comes with an autographed card signed by Michiru Yamane and Koji Igarashi!