Whirlwind FX SignalRGB Pro Review X Coupon Code for FREE Month

Whirlwind FX has a new program that will bring joy to many of our PC user’s faces! Their new program titled SignalRGB is a FREE program that will sync up your RGB accessories into one program. Whirlwind FX new program is able to utilize various components such as Corsair, Razer, Logitech, and more into use with their own effects and settings. This is monumental!

We are able to get our hands to try out this program and see how well it works with our PC’s. Our team uses various components such as mice, keyboards, LED stripes and more with RGB combabilities daily either by gaming or personal use. Together, we used our various components and used the program SignalRGB to see how it works. We were stunned on the results we found not only with ease, but what worked and what didn’t.

There are two versions: One that is FREE and one that is PRO version. We used the PRO version in this Review which had a few more items that free didn’t have. If you like to try out the PRO version for a month, be sure to use the coupon code DROPTHESPOTLIGHT when signing up for the pro version.


  • Sync Lighting Effects
    • Finally! There is a program that will sync and control your RGB products such as keyboard, mice, LED Strips and more! Before, my lights would showcase something out of a disco club night. I would get confused at times when gaming and create a distraction. Now, with everything sync up properly,  we are able to have something that matches correctly. This helps out so much! and its Free!
  • Various Products Worked Together
    • Our team uses various products from various companies such as Corsair, Logitech, Razer and more. We have various programs from these companies on our computers to handle the RGB duties and settings. SignalRGB is able to combine all components into one program to utilize and configure in its own setting programs. This not only helps a lot out with our various settings but its something that is unique and helps out in those dark gaming nights.
  • Custom Effects
    • As a fan for Whirlwind FX for many years and using their keyboards while gaming, we know about those custom effects that sync with certain games. There is a pro version of SignalRGB that will give access to these custom effects to your RGB components that will sync them just like the Whirlwind FX keyboards we use! Pretty damn cool!


  • Internal Components Not Recognized
    • We had some trouble figuring out how to get RGB recognized for our PC’s internal components. I saw on the FAQ page that by Fall 2021 they will have more integration of Internal Components. I like how external components are utilized but our PC’s are like our Ferrari’s, we love them and we enjoy showcasing them more than our external items.

Rating: 9 out of 10

Coupon Code: Use coupon code DROPTHESPOTLIGHT to get 1 month free for the PRO subscription service!