4 vs 1 Survival Horror Game Propnight Receives Terrifying New Update in “The Keymaster’s Game”

Propnight, the survival horror physics game developed by FNTASTIC and published by MYTONA, today receives a massive new update that opens the floodgates of terror and hilarity! The “Keymaster’s Game” introduces a new survivor — a katana-wielding young lady with a heavy 80s kick —  an all-new two-round “Hide and Seek” mode with four Hunters and four new Props, redesigned maps, and more! This update is available now for players to download and jump back into the chaotic physics-based murder mayhem of a small town where teenagers are mysteriously going missing…

In Propnight, players take on the role of classic horror survivors (or perhaps victims!), while one other player is a relentless killing machine striking fear in the hearts of everyone. It’s horror with a twist, as the survivors can transform into clones of nearby visible objects as a way of hiding, all while they gather and repair the props needed to finally escape the killer. The clock is ticking, and the killer is on the hunt…will you get all your props ready in time?

The Keymaster’s Game update is available now for PC players via Steam. Make sure to keep up with the latest Propnight news by following it on FacebookTwitter, and the official website: https://www.propnight.com.