Kool2Play is Showing Off Uragun at PAX!


Developer Kool2Play will be part of the Indie Games Poland Foundation


April 20, 2022, Warsaw – Team Kool2Play have traveled to Boston to show off their latest game “Uragun” at PAX East 2022.

Assembled by the creative minds at Kool2Play, and game director Fran Avilés (prev. Deep Rock Galactic), Uragun is a testament to craft, with every level hand-built and designed to both test players, and push highscore setters.

Uragun will be part of the Indie Games Poland Foundation booth (#19071) on the show floor and the developers will be on site for interviews, provide some hands on gameplay and answer any questions you might have!

Watch the cinematic Uragun trailer here – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ShndqfUj_II



At Early Access launch, Uragun is a concise initial gameplay experience, with over 25 levels set in Barcelona, Hong Kong, and the Northern Cascades, with a variety of enemies, weapon types, and the first major boss fight. During Early Access, the Kool2Play team will continue to implement content, while also taking direct community feedback into account for 1.0 release.


In Uragun you play as a deadly but charming Mech that has awakened to discover a world overrun by corrupted AI. Searching for your missing pilot and friend will bring you to different spectacular locations like a deserted Barcelona, an overgrown and futuristic Hong Kong or the mines hidden in the snowy mountain rifts of North America. In order to survive, you’ll have to master the game’s challenging and fast-paced combat. Luckily, you’ll be able to unlock new weapons, from shotguns and auto-rifles to plasma boomerangs and rocket launchers, that will grant you a ton of customization options and a fair chance against your foes.

  • Fast-paced combat that will test your skills and reflexes
  • Hand-crafted levels tailored for intense and tightly measured challenges
  • Deadly weapons and upgrades unlocked with progression
  • A friendly mech unit in a beautiful but hostile world

Find more information about the game on Steam and the Kool2Play website. Gameplay fragments, trailers and other video content can be found on the studio’s YouTube channel.

Follow the game on social media:



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The devs also invite everyone to join the official Uragun server on Discord – to meet community members here, chat with producers, and leave valuable feedback. Every comment is taken into account!


About Kool2Play:

Kool2Play is a unique developer and publisher of games operating in a wide range of genres. We create games that are primarily fun, playable, and focus on quality. In parallel with the work on the game Uragun, we are creating two productions planned for the coming years, codenamed Project X and Project Y. Kool2Play also includes Kool Things – the most experienced agency specializing in the international game promotion. working on Buffmaker software, used for automation, processing, and analytics of marketing data.


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