The HappyTime Murders Review

The Happytime Murders is one off the wall crudely hilarious film. We follow the story of a fallen from grace police detective Phil Philips who was once the only puppet police officer.  Until he had a bad day with his partner Detective Connie Edwards played by Melissa McCarthy. Which left an innocent man dead plus the loss of trust from his partner. Sending Philips down the path of a private investigator.

Philips is contracted by a puppet to find someone blackmailing her with photos. When he starts to investigate the case a start of murders starts all around Philips. All tied to a puppet show called The Happytime show which Philips brother is on.  A string of murders of the cast follows Philips putting him and his old partner back together and the verbal assault starts between them. The two must find a way to learn to trust each other again and put the past behind them. In order to solve the case and to clear Philips name.

I will say this film is not for everyone the humor in this film is raunchy and crude, to say the least. I found it funny and the story is great if you can take the jokes and insults. Plus the visuals are some of the funniest parts of the movie and we’re talking puppet sex and way more. If this sound like something up your alley go see it if not I would pass but to each there own. Give it a watch and see for yourself The Happytime Murders. Melissa McCarthy role is spot on with her style of humor she dishes out the insults as well as she takes them and her addiction to sugar is an added layer of humor to the film check it out now in theaters.