Alpha Movie Review

As a person who loves dogs, Alpha was a film I had to see. Alpha is a story of how we find mans best friend in dogs (wolf’s) at that time. It is also a coming of age story for Keda trying to find his place in his tribe as well next to his father the chief. Keda like all sons want their father’s approval and well for them to make their father proud. As winter draws near they must go on the tribes ritual hunt of the great beast for food. Keda has passed his tests to allow him to hunt alongside the tribe as well his father. The night before the hunt, as they rest Keda mother talks with his father her concerns Keda, is not ready she tells him he will lead the tribe in a different way.   The morning of the hunt they head out on the long journey to him the great beast. Along the way, Tau is teaching Keda the ways of ancestor showing the path and how to finding his way back. Hunt is where it takes a bad turn for Keda and the tribe has to leave him starting the story of Keda coming in to is own as a man.



Keda is now faced with a huge trial to live or die as he finds the will to live he set off to find his way back home. He crosses path with a pack of wolves that chase him for food he stabs one while making it up a tree. He stays up the tree till the wolves leave the wounded wolf is laying there dying Keda knows he has to help the wolf live. Starting the bond between wolf and man forever change both speices. As the learn to trust each other to surive they face many life and death issues building the love for each other. Over all this film is a must see for dog lovers as well for those who want to see a great coming of age tale. The screener I saw had a hast tag #whosavedwho and that really sums up the film in a whole giving us  the bound of man and dog. Be sure ot check out Alpha this weekend in theaters Aug 17.