Ted Bundy : American Boogeyman Review

Ted Bundy American Boogeyman is a film written and directed by Daniel Farrands starring Chad Michael Murray as Ted Bundy. The story of one of America’s most brutal serial killers. Takes a look at the mind of Ted and the mindset he had to be one of the most dangerous killers in modern time.

The film follows Ted’s kill spree on the west coast as well FBI agent and a local homicide detective. Who goes on to track Ted down and move on to become an FBI agent. One of the big focuses in Chi Omega killings that Ted would later be convicted of. A real fresh look into the twisted mind of Ted.

This film was done really well and Chad Michael Murray’s portrayal of Ted is one of the best I have seen. The vibe Chad gives off adds to the films and I feel he knocked out the role. I will not give any spoilers of the film as it is a must-watch in my book. The feel of the story mixed with Chad’s (Ted) makes for a great film. Fans of true crime films will enjoy this take on Ted Bundy as well the horror, crime drama fan.

I give this one an 8 out of 10 for a great story and Chad’s role in this film. The writing down to the cinematography is very well done. The film just hooks you and doesn’t let go till the end of the film. Being one of the most brutal killers in recent history this film does it right and showcasing the Law enforcement behind taking him down. Check this one out and see for yourself Ted Bundy American Boogyman.