Searching Movie Review

Searching is a unique film in the way it was shot from the point of view of the computer screen. The story of a family who told via the computer screen of there life from happy moments to tragedy. We follow the Kim family in this film. After the mon goes through a cancer battle only to relapse and loses her fight. The father-daughter relationship is not a strong one. David Kim (John Cho) learns really fast his teenage daughter is a stranger to him.

Margot (Sara Sohn) is in a study group and face times her father she will be in late. David pops sleeping pills and goes to bed when in middle of the night he gets multiple calls from Margot. He wakes up thinking she has left for school he goes about his day trying to reach Margot to no avail. He starts to become worried and calls the piano teacher only to find out she dropped it six months ago. Trying to get in contact with her classmates, Friends only to find she didn’t,t have many friends he calls the police and files a missing person report. He contacted by Detective Vick (Debra Messing) and they start the investigation. David goes threw everything social media Margot has to find any clues he as any parent in his shoes. He starts to piece together the events of her life. As the story unfolds he feels something is not right. This will be true as the case is coming to a close his gut makes him continue to investigate. Only to piece what really happens to his daughter to give us a plot twist that changes the movie.

Overall I did enjoy this film it was a slow burn for me but once the film started it kept my attention. If you like crime drama’s give this one a watch.