Revisiting Legendary: A Marvel Deck Building Game

Revisiting Legendary: A Marvel Deck Building Game


Determining which board game is going to see the light of day can be a tough decision. A lot of factors go into this decision including setup time, number of players, table space, time to play, etc. Ultimately, you have to ask yourself one question, do you like the game?

When Legendary: Marvel first made its way into my regular rotation of games, it felt lacking. So much that I almost abandoned it completely. Luckily its first, and pivotal, expansion was right around the corner in “Dark City”. The Dark City expansion gave Legendary: Marvel the shot in the arm it needed to become a much more nuanced and intricate game. Added heroes like Jean Grey which allow you to save an uncanny number of bystanders and Cable who gives you much needed early offense and defense against Masterminds really stepped up the game design to show players that Legendary: Marvel had a lot of depth. Not to mention great new mechanics like “Versatile” and “Teleport”  and Masterminds that weren’t pushover’s which finally made it feel as though you were going head-to-head against some of Marvel’s fiercest and clever villains.

Marvel Legendary is a deckbuilding game made by Upper Deck in 2013. It has elements of cooperative play and competitive play because it is very possible that all players can lose if they don’t begin to work together when things are looking grim. At the same time, you want to be the player with the most victory points so you can claim the title of “Most Legendary Hero of All”. Their words not mine. Finding a good balance with a good gaming group can also be crucial as some gamers like to hold grudges or be petty and work against you. A recent game put me on the spotlight as I had the option to take the Mastermind down or defeat 2 villains causing problems in the city. The latter would have just slowed the game down and worked against the group as we were near running out of hero cards to draw from, so instead I attacked the Mastermind for the “greater good”. We are playing as heroes after all.

My “Revisiting” series is going to be different than my “From the Vault” series as this one will explore the game beyond a basic overview and a one-shot. Future articles will feature powerful hero combinations, killer Mastermind and Scheme’s, and anything I may discover along the way. So Marvel fans can rejoice at the flood of Legendary: Marvel posts, and DC fans, did I mention I am also planning to “Revisit” DC Deck- Building Game in the near future? Stay tuned and enjoy!

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