DTS Gaming Crew Connects with Daniel to Talk Warhammer Age of Sigmar

DTS Gaming Crew Connects with Daniel to Talk Warhammer Age of Sigmar


Daniel reached out to me last week as he wanted to spotlight one of the many not-so-well-known sides of tabletop gaming. When people think of gamers, the stigma of the shut-in gamer emerges alongside a bag of Doritos and a 3 liter Mountain Dew. While they are delicious snacks, this is far from the truth.

Daniel’s story shows us a side of gaming that often goes overlooked or unnoticed. He shared his story about his journey to play in a competitive Warhammer Age of Sigmar tournament, and the details that emerged from his story can be eye-opening to a lot of gamers who have never had an experience similar to Daniel’s. This is one of the reasons I started the series “DTS Gaming Crew Connects”. 

I want gamers to share their experiences with other gamers so we can learn from each other. For those on the fence about traveling to participate in a tournament for a game you love, please tune in and listen to Daniel’s story. I hope that it gives you the courage to visit your local gaming store and connect with the community in your hometown, or dare you to dream bigger and tackle competition at higher levels out of your city or state. Below is the link to our podcast so you can listen at your leisure. Thanks for reading!

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