DTS Gaming Crew Connects with Terrible Games

DTS Gaming Crew Connects with Terrible Games


A typical Sunday afternoon for me is usually best spent playing tabletop games. This Sunday was no different as game designer John de Campos from Terrible Games had reached out to me last week and asked if I was interested in a play test of his game “Token Terrors”. How could I say no to a tabletop game with such unique tokens?

John and I chatted on Discord before we got started that Sunday and he informed me that he was also the illustrator for Token Terrors. Jumping into the tabletop simulator server was a treat as the walls and floor of the room  were covered by John’s own illustrations. You can view the room for yourself in the video below as I move the camera around making sure I captured as much as possible. 

Our play test went off without a hitch as DTS Gaming Crew’s John Cano and I were able to pick John De Campos’ brain asking him questions about his game design among other topics. Interested in what John and the DTS Gaming Crew had to say about Token Terrors? Tune in below and watch our play test that took place on a very casual Sunday. Join his Token Terror’s Facebook group if you’d like to connect with John yourself!


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