Make The Journey To Amazing Houston Comic Con

Every comic fan should know there is a jungle out there when they think about comic cons. There are so many that it seems like a bunch of vines and trees are in the way of your line of sight. When you journey through the jungle, you will pass by the poorly run trees and the low point of vines and come across a clearing. The clearing is where you will see the comic con that shines of gold. 


Amazing Houston Comic Con is the con where everyone wants to enjoy being there with their friends and family.

The con will happen from September 9-11 and will include some great special guests such as Chris Claremont and Kevin Eastman.

Buy some cool neat art, meet the artists and get their autographs as well. This will be a great atmosphere to help bring out the best in the world for everyone.

Tickets on sale now and of course, children under 10 are free! Yes, a great fun adventure to bring the whole family to! Get your tickets now HERE and get some for your friends too! They will enjoy it as well!