Find The Square Root Of Pi With Think Geek Sugarland

The board is filled with equations for any company to try and solve using advanced math skills. The board is constantly erased as many companies try to find that solution that has eluded them in the past. The struggle for these companies are seen in the distance but there is a new company in town.

The new company puts on its glasses on and provides the differences that is missed in many of the companies previous failures on to solve the equation. The new company solves the equation by using the square root of pi in order to determine the answer.

The new company with a cool monkey sporting on their awesome backpacks emerges the victor and with the slice of a light saber, the store is now open.

2016-09-02 09.50.54



Think Geek Sugarland brings what many companies lack these days in which they showcase cool items in the world of geek and a friendly shopping experience.

2016-09-02 09.50.33
Iron Man

The store opens to a roar of an applause and the fans are greeted with a huge store full of cool items such as statues, pops, and the ever popular cool gear to wear to the world.

Drop The Spotlight emerges in the scene with the coolest free swag, coolest cos players which includes superstar CHRISTINA MCDANIEL and of course bringing an atmosphere where geeks can enjoy themselves and buy some cool new things from Think Geek.

2016-09-02 13.59.59

2016-09-02 13.59.49

I would like to thank GAME STOP, TATT ME TATTOOS, THINK GEEK,  and of course DROP THE SPOTLIGHT that provided some awesome freebies for the fans but provided a place where the shopping experience where every geek in Sugarland felt welcomed to be there.