The Butchery Graphic Novel Review

When we think of romance; Traditionally, we see the small picture of boy meets girl, boy falls in love with girl, and then they break up. The storylines for romance novels and stories usually have that indentation. Well, in this graphic novel, you are given a new view of how an emotional storyline of the individuals involved in the relationship. You aren’t told outright what is going on, how they met, or how it all deteriorated. You are given images of art that will have you clutching at your heart either painfully or happily.

Those images represent random moments in the relationship either when they were very happy such as when the couple learned to dance, phone calls, dinner together, sex, etc. Then you see how each of them responds while the relationship is failing such as the boyfriend taking his mind away to deal with the situation. The girlfriend is more emotional and confronts the boyfriend on some of the issues going on.

I enjoyed this graphic novel as it felt you were in a similar relationship. I was having flashbacks of previous relationships that started off like this and then end up in the gutter. I am amazed on how they added the art to the story with a different view of how the relationship starts and ends through these memories.

Rating: 8 out of 10

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