Venture Kid Review

Review by Josh C.

Hello and today I’ll be reviewing the video game Venture Kid. When I started the game, many thoughts stormed my mind during gameplay. I thought to my myself this is no ordinary 8-bit classic video game. The objective of the game is very interesting and highly entertaining. I love the retro 8-bit soundtrack in which we all know of the 80s era consoles. The game has full controller support for example Xbox 360 or One.

You play as the hero Andy in an epic adventure to stop the evil villain Teklov from creating a destructive secret weapon in his huge space fortress but claiming it is for world peace. In the introduction in the game Andy and his girlfriend were collecting and harvesting orbs when all of a sudden Teklov appears in a destructive and outlandish manner. Andy’s girlfriend was hurt during the explosion as seen later in the hospital and his cool weapons inventor friend steps in as well.

Let me tell you this is a really fun game to play. There is nine levels and unique end-level bosses. Of course, there is hidden areas in the level that has orbs, power-ups, or energy, etc. You’re probably wondering what are the orbs for? You collect orbs during gameplay in each level to use in the shop to purchase items useful along the way. Also, when defeating bosses, you are rewarded new invented weapons but use it wisely. Item management is key during gameplay. To make it interesting I played through the game on hard difficulty which demands a huge amount of skill and patience. I would definitely recommend this game to any 8-bit retro gaming fans to give it a try. It’s available for iOS, PC, and possibly console exclusive to Nintendo Switch. Thank You and have an awesome weekend. Peace.

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