Hyperbrawl Tournament

I spent a short amount of time with Hyperbrawl and within this short amount of time I wish that this game was a little more of a challenge to understand. I usually do not play with other people whenever I am gaming but I did feel as if this game would be more enjoyable with more players to play with.  

Hyperbrawl is very easy to understand and able to beat with just a little time of being hands on. It is a mix between a brawler button masher and Slam Ball. The objective of the game is to take the ball in each round and be able get the ball into the net to score a point. Now you are in control of your very own Robot which is your player. If both bots were to be destroyed while playing the game, you or your opponent would than win the round due to now one left standing.  

There are about 12 characters to choose from and a total of around 12 arena maps. I was very surprised to see so many different types of game modes so there are plenty of options to choose from. They even have a way to be able to customize your player with different weapons and more. Also, along come Special attacks as when you build up as your play the game that way you team is able to the upper hand in the brawl. 

As I was playing, I felt that something was missing, there was something that I could just not put my finger on. The more I played the more I started to realize that this game would be so much more enjoyable is there was a mode for a 4v4 or maybe even a 5v5. You are able to link up with other players online so your friends would be able to play but I really felt that if there were more active players on the court. Now, this does not mean that I would not recommend this game to anyone. This is just my competitive side talking.  

Too sum of Hyperbrawl Tournament, I would have to say that the potential for this game to be very addictive is very high and I feel that it is moving in the right direction as far as being competitive. I highly enjoyed myself with the time I have been spending on it and if you have friends over or family over, I would definitely recommend giving this game a chance. It is a nice addition of games to play in 2020. 

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Reviewer: https://twitter.com/deltron_210