There Is No Light Steam Demo Review PAX Online

I was awe struck with the demo of the game! I am a lover of futuristic and Apocalypse type of stories and this game  has both. You start off as the hero that must go to stop the Hand from taking children. You must get back your own child back through literally this hell. I did the tutorial to learn the basic moves of my character when you start the game. Once I was in the game, I talked to a lot of the people in the ruins of what is going on in the story. Majority of them are denouncing the Hand and the cult. You learn more about them while discussing the various people where the butterflies are at.

I embarked to the Depot where people said there are spiders that will gobble you up. I didn’t take that literal until I was there and the spiders were pretty big. I had to remember the strategy from the tutorial to get through this level. I have to admit: I died a few times while playing this level. I was able to collect the orbs and upgrade one of my weapons in the game.

The demo was good, lot of action and story to learn throughout the game. I got stuck a few times in the depot battling the spiders. I had to remember the tutorial from the beginning of the game in order to formulate a strategy to get through it. I can’t wait until the finish product comes out with the game.

Rating: 7.5 out of 10


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