G.I. Joe: Operation Blackout Game Review

G.I. Joe: Operation Blackout is a Gi Joe fan dream game will all the classic Joe’s and Cobra characters we all love. A kid growing up playing with and watching Gi Joe cartoons I jumped on the chance to try out this new game. A fast pace mission-based game you get to play both sides and with classic heroes like Duke and Roadblock as well many more to play as makes the game fun for fans. On the Cobra side, you get to play as Stormshadow and Cobra Commander himself and a few other snakes.

The gameplay is mission-based complete the objectives to progress in the game. The game gives you different levels of difficulty as well as combat modifiers adding to the gameplay. In level power-up, guns and health and ammo packs are a big help to keep the fight going. Missions are fun and well tied into the Gi Joe vs Cobra story. Each level I played so far has a boss fight some take place over the whole level playing as Cobra taking over the US. Flagg warship fighting Duke. Each character and a special combat move they can do to help the fight.

Overall a fun fast-paced game you can play solo or co-op and a PVP mode add to the fun. 17 playable characters and hidden items to find to unlock comics gives you a ton of value in playtime. The only thing was the sight movement was a bit slow for my playstyle but I got used to it fast. G.I. Joe: Operation Blackout is out now on all platforms I played on the Ps 4. Check this one out and have some fun also makes a great Christmas gift for the gamer and G.I. Joe fan.