Monster Hunter: Rise Demo – Nintendo Switch Review

By: John C. Mayberry


On March 26th, Monster Hunter: Rise, the latest release of Capcom’s other best-selling series next to Resident Evil, is set to release exclusively on the Nintendo Switch.  I’ve had a chance to sit down with the demo of this installation to the critically acclaimed series and was pleased with what I’ve seen so far.  Everything that makes the series great returns in full force, following the formula of the player choosing their Hunter, each with different combat capabilities, to take on quests set upon them by locals to earn rewards, all the while collecting other resources received from the monsters they slay or the environment they are currently hunting in for crafting items to aid you in battle and upgrading you Hunter to take on the tougher quests.


The environments look great and are a perfect example of what the Nintendo Switch is capable of regarding graphics capabilities.  Each of the Hunter’s outfits are also intricately designed and truly unique works of art in themselves, complimented by a soundtrack that really makes your quests feel all the more epic.  Along with the variety of Hunters, and their varying skillsets, to choose from, the free-roaming environment, and the fluent gameplay, I for one am looking forward to the release of this title later this month as I’m sure many a fan of the Monster Hunter series are doing the same.


Although I still do need to play the final product upon its release, Monster Hunter fans, or really any fan of the action RPG genre certainly have something great coming along, and from what I’ve played of this so far this game will surely be in the libraries of millions of players across the globe.  So you guys might want to give your fingers a good stretching now, and find yourself the most comfortable cushion you can, possibly a hooded full-body blanket depending on local weather conditions, because you’re going to need them for the copious amounts of time you’re going to spend playing this.