A Fun Time At City Base Cinema

There are a ton of movie theaters in San Antonio, but there is one theater that is different from the rest. When you walk in to the venue, you are taken back. You see a cinema that caters to everyone from families to young adults and to adults that are there to have wind back and have fun.  Here is my experience with my family to the theater of City Base Cinema.

When you walk in, you must get your ticket for the choices of movies you must chose. We were able to chose to see Dora The Explorer as we had won a movie ticket contest from Alamo City Movie Talk. For me though, the first thing I see is the snack bar and one of my favorite places. I want to make sure in my movie experience, I like to have something to keep myself busy. They had some good combo choices and even some good meals such as pizza and hot dogs. We got a few combo’s and of course got my pizza to eat.

We were able to get our food in a timely manner and head to the theater. The seating was excellent and very clean as well. I was able actually walk to my seat without my shoes sticking to the floor. The sound was good and not too loud to hurt our ears. We were in the 4K theater so the screens showed 4K viewing and we enjoyed that.  We enjoyed the movie Dora and we highly recommend it as it was very enjoyable. After wards, we were able to leave the theater safely.

I enjoyed this theater as not only is it family owned but they took care of everyone. The staff was great and nice and were fun to be around with. They had an adjacent play area but we didn’t check that out and we saw they had a comic book store called Heroes and Fantasies as well. This theater had a bar for the young adults and adults that came by to hang out after a tough day at work. This is a good place to hang, see the latest movie, and relax after a long stressful day.

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