Gurgamoth Nintendo Switch Review by Sir Nick Justice


(Available on Steam and Nintendo Switch)

What a way to unwind by coming home to the switch and getting to checkout Gurgamoth. The name is unique as I had no idea on what to expect from this game. For this review I checked it out on the Nintendo Switch, it costs currently $9.99

The game is a flying fighting game where the surrounding levels is your weapon and flying into the other combatants is key to winning. Its like a mix of Crash Bash (for those who remember) and most competitive games.

After downloading the game, I almost was thrown off by the switch since the controls made me detach the controllers to play but immediately docked back in after getting started. Upon start I was greeting by the character selection and maps to pick from.

The characters comprised of ancient like characters who look like they consist of names like Xiatat, Cavendish, Thragg, and a few others. They look anything from an Egyptian masked phantom, death, an Aztec god, or barbarian. Upon choosing the character you pick the map which each one has its pros and cons.

Each map has its intense surroundings especially if you don’t knock them right away – the weapons or even the map itself will shrink to speed up death. I personally found myself dying right away my first couple of rounds until I figured out the mechanics. Be sure to be conscious of your surroundings because you will easily die within the first couple of seconds or minute.

I hope that they can add onto the game with features such as skipping the bots battling so you can attend the nice round, perhaps some more health so you can last a little longer, and a prevent the screen from shrinking everything. This shrink made the gameplay hard on the switch as you might find yourself squinting to see the fights while avoid the chaos around you.

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