Freshly Frosted Demo Quick Review and Gameplay

While we were at PAX East 2020 in Boston, We saw the booth for QAG. They had some games that you want to try and explore. This is one of them! We were able to try the demo version of Freshly Frosted. This game is a puzzler where you had to make sure you can get your donuts with the correct topping to the correct order. I laughed and said this would be easy. I was dead wrong haha. This a good puzzler where you had to stand back and look at it from all angles.

I was able to try out the demo at home on Steam and play it a bit. While playing the game, I noticed there is more challenges added to the puzzles. At first, you would have to put just frosting and then sprinkles but now there is whipped cream and cherry on top. I enjoyed this game as it is something different and I know kids would enjoy the game as well.


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