Yu-Gi-Oh Legacy of the Duelist Link Evolution

It has been nearly a decade since I stopped playing Yu-Gi-Oh let alone just card games in general but I decided to dive back in even though I am way behind on the time. Even though I just started back into the game this version eases you into it without making you feel very confused or lost.  

It has been 20 year since Yu-Gi-Oh has released on TV and on tabletop. However, Legacy of the Duelist was just released last year in April and I have to say I am very impressed with this game and the additional content that you can pay for on the side. Around the time of this review that game was on a bundle sale for the game and all the DLC. If you have never played Yu-Gi-Oh before it is a turn-based card game that revolves around defeating your opponent with duel monsters from a card deck.  

This game is very easy to pick up even if you know the basics of the original game. I still understand the structure of the original game and not much has changed. As long as you know how to read that you will do just fine. The only real big change of how many new monsters there are. I felt every other card I picked up I had to read and understand what they did. I was learning the game all over again but as a decent pace that was not overwhelming.  

They do have a tutorial section if you want to learn 100% before you throw yourself into the Story Campaign. But even the beginning of the story campaign goes through a small learning section. The graphics are somewhat low tier but there really doesn’t need to be high end graphics for such a game. Sometimes you will a cut scene depending what top tier monster you summon but again the rendering and detailing are not that impressive.  

The music is very catchy and keeps you focused. It does make you feel like you are in an intense match with each opponent you face. There are times where the music sounded as if it started cutting out like you just blown out one of your headphone speakers.  

I am glad to see after 20 years that they make these types of games and that there is still a huge fan base around such an amazing game. I am eager to see what online gameplay is like with fellow Duelists. I recommend getting the game on sale if you have the chance but if you really like Yu-Gi-Oh than it will definitely be worth full price either way. It was very fun to jump back into a tabletop game and even relived the good old days just relaxing and dueling away.

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