WWE Undefeated Mobile Game Review

nWay has created an alternative for WWE games that is fun, exciting and will have you asking yourself “Am I smelling what I’m cooking?” WWE Undefeated is a new mobile game for the mobile IOS and Android products that will have you body slamming your way to victory. You will get to use that touch screen to get yourself over as one of the best wrestlers in the game. We were given a chance to try out the game to give you, the fans, a review. I was able to review this game on my Apple Iphone and here is our thoughts on the game.

Here is our review: 


  • Training:
    • This game from the beginning starts you off training automatically. I like how the game went step by step with me to utilize all aspects for my character. They didn’t cut any corners in the training like other games which surprised me. There were 3 parts to the training to show how you can use the move set in the cards, how to gain a pin, upgrading and much more. I thought this was fantastic as this gave gamers the ability to learn ALL aspects of what you can do the game without having that famous saying “Hey I didn’t know that was there.”
  • Interchangeable Move sets:
    • The move set in the game has certain abilities for your wrestler to use in matches. You can earn new move sets with wins against opponents and even change around those move sets for your next match. This is really cool as many other WWE games don’t all the move sets to change and you would have to upgrade that move very slowly. Here, in WWE Undefeated,  if I don’t like the move,  I can change it. Simple as that!
  • Challenging Matches:
    • Finally a game that wrestling game that will give me that challenge to  fight it out to be the best. Most WWE games uses a certain formula that you must do here and there that basically is a small strategy. Here in WWE Undefeated, with your upgraded and interchanging move sets, your able to do multiple strategies to win a match. This ensures you to continue to excel and build while having fun.


  • The Rock Character:
    • I know this is going to sound silly to most wrestling fans but The Rock character is very played out. I would have rather Stone Cold Steve Austin as lead character against Roman Reigns or even AJ Styles. As a huge WWE wrestling fan, we loved the Rock during the attitude era before he left to Hollywood. AJ Styles and Roman Reigns are fantastic choices for this lead of the game against Stone Cold that will keep you breathing hard. Stone Cold is face that still resonates with wrestling even with his outside projects yet with the Rock; he is just known as Dwayne.

Rating: 9.5 out of 10

WWE Undefeated is a mobile game that will entice WWE fans young and old. You will have the chance to build your wrestler through various of ways in the game. You will be given sufficient training when you first start the game so you will actually know what your doing. Your able to change your moves as well upgrade your moves too! The matches could be challenging but your given a chance to actually win using multiple strategies than using one. I am not a big fan of the Rock but he is the character that is given the face in the game. Either way, as a wrestling fan, this is exciting as we are finally given a mobile game to be proud of.

IOS link: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/wwe-undefeated/id1503392771