Massive Gameplay, Combat and Crafting improvements for Breadcrumbs Interactives Hilarious Action RPG

Baltimore, MD – June 16th 2020 – Independent games publisher Versus Evil in partnership with Breadcrumbs Interactive today announced that its darkly funny action role-playing game Yaga has just launched its version 1.1, The Bad Fate Update, is now live for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. The Bad Fate Update brings a huge array of gameplay improvements, tweaks, and fresh content.

The announcement comes with the latest creature feature video for Yaga, starring the antagonist Likho.

Watch Yaga – Likho & The Bad Fate Update here!

Changes in the update include brand new difficulty levels, an overhaul on the Bad Luck system, big changes made to combat, improved traversal, and a revamped crafting system.

Alongside the original challenge, players can now choose a “Story Mode” for an easier storytelling focused experience, or tackle “Hardcore Mode” that includes permadeath.

Additionally, the Bad Luck system is a much more user-friendly experience, giving players more control over their luck, and XP grows much faster while having bad luck. Witches can now bless away bad luck.

Combat AI has also been improved, providing a more fair and balanced challenge for players. New enemy abilities add a more diverse attack strategy to the mix as well, and now the tools have added functionality too.

Ivan now runs, allowing for speedier travel so players won’t feel the need to roll as often. A new quick travel option is also available via flying ovens you can find in each map to reach a specific destination quickly. Other improvements include breadcrumbs to goals and a new mini map you can explode.

Lastly, crafting changes include the ability to add runes to your weapons for added effects, improved crafting AI, new items to use, new crafts to build, and the ability to repair weapons.

“We’ve made some pretty big improvements with this latest update focused primarily on gameplay, including crafting as well as new modes, and it’s all thanks to the fantastic community feedback we’ve been  getting on the game to make Yaga the best game it can be.” Said Catalin Zima-Zegreanu, Designer and CEO of Breadcrumbs Interactive.

Yaga’s darkly funny narrative and action role-playing premise tells the story of Ivan, a one-handed blacksmith with incredibly bad luck, who must take on the impossible tasks given to him by the tzar. All the while the mysterious witch, Baba Yaga, watches over Ivan’s fate as he bludgeons a variety of nefarious monsters and legends all of which have been inspired by Slavic folk tales.

The Yaga Bad Fate V1.1 update is also available now on PC and Apple Arcade versions.

Check out the full list of improvements here:

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