RENEE GOUST celebrates love that transcends creeds and genders with her second single “UN BESO EN LA ALAMEDA”

Renee Goust proudly addresses feminist and LGBT + narratives in her lyrics to offer new messages within music genres that have traditionally promoted heteropatriarchal and macho ideals. The singer-songwriter surprises us once again with her new song “Un Beso en la Alameda”, available April 23rd. This beautiful waltz, composed by Renee Goust, uses warm organic sounds to softly carry us to a landscape full of poetry and tenderness, inviting us to witness true love – that which transcends creeds and genders – through the description of a gentle kiss. Its launch arrives just on time for the observance of Lesbian Visibility Day, celebrated yearly on April 26.
The song “Un Beso en la Alameda” was produced by Goust with the support of Grammy-nominated sound engineer Jeanne Montalvo, thanks to New York Foundation for the Arts’ Women’s Fund grant. It is part of her first full-length album “Resister”, which will be released soon in 2021.
“This song is a painting made of words that invites us to pause and indulge in the beauty of nature. It describes the excitement we feel when we are about to see our beloved partner, and brings us close to the joy of a young couple meeting in a park. The universe aligns to dance softly with them and celebrate their union. Giving visibility to sapphic love and promoting radical tenderness are two things that are very important to me, and I believe that “Un Beso en la Alameda” accomplishes both.
I feel like I fall in love again every time I listen to it .” – RENEE GOUST
At the beginning of April, Renee Goust, Vivir Quintana, Leiden and Ximbo presented a collaboration together interpreting Alex Pozas’s song “Querida Valeria”, a song that addresses the difficult issue of violence against girls.
Renee recently participated in the concert series “En Casa” on the YouTube channel of Americas Society, in addition to the Festival ¡Que Vivan las Mujeres! organized Mexico’s Department of Culture and the Festival Cervantino. ¡Que Vivan Las Mujeres! was broadcast through the platform “Contigo A La Distancia”, on the social media of the Department of Culture and the National Women’s Institute, alongside artists like Natalia Lafourcade, Kenny & Los Eléctricos, Silvana Estrada and Hello Seahorse. Similarly, she presented her new music at MIDEM Digital’s Latin American Music Forum where she shared a virtual stage with Carlos Vives, Francisca Valenzuela, Diamante Eléctrico and several other artists, to then participate on March 25th at the Go Mujeres Fest with Mon Laferte, Flor de Toloache, Vivir Quintana, among other great artists, as well as several other special virtual events.
Renee Goust (she/her) is a Mexican-American neo-folk artist who grew up on the US-Mexico border. She is a proud feminist and queer singer-songwriter who uses the influence of the music of the Americas to write songs in Spanish and English about the fight for gender equality, LGBT + experiences, immigration, and other social justice issues. For context, her songs “La Cumbia Feminazi” and “Querida Muerte (No Nos Maten)” have become feminist anthems that are often heard in marches and travel through social media, especially TikTok and Instagram in Latin America and Spain. Renee received a grant from the New York Foundation for the Arts Women’s Fund in March 2020, with which she is currently producing her first full-length album “Resister”.