We Happy Few Review & Lightbearer Review !!

we happy few an action-adventure game survival horror game developed by compulsion and publishes by Gearbox. It is a single-player and playable on PS4 and XboxOne Microsoft Windows, Linux, macOS. It was funded by a Kickstarter campaign in 2015. We happy place takes place in the fictional British town of Wellington Wells, where the residents of the town are under the influence of mandatory a mind-altering drug called Joy which helps those who are under its influence to see the world is a more sunshine and rainbows light. There are people in this town that either refuse to take the drug or had a reaction to the drug and were not able to take it these individuals are called “Downers” the downers are exiled from the town where they are forced to survive. The game allows you to play as 3 very different characters you play first as Arthur Hastings then Sally Boyle and last Ollie Starkey each with their own story each trying to survive and escape. Being able to see 3 different perspectives on the same event is I my opinion is a very good way to show the narrative of the story which was really the height of the game. This game felt as if they were trying to hard to make people happy, starting as a survival game but then getting feedback from early access players it turned into something else entirely but you can’t please everyone changing thing up, in this case, resulted in confusion of sorta survival sorta action-adventure that this games turned into. Despite its faults which we will get into in a moment this game did have some interesting factors. The Easter eggs in this game if you are like me and have seen British tv shows and literature I very much enjoyed coming across Monty Python, Lord of the Rings and the Hobbit references even Shakespeare.

The gameplay

When quests are completed in any other game the quest marker disappears but one of the things I found confusing was that the quest markers disappear when they wanted to some took a few mins to disappear and some were still there when I came back to play the next day but disappeared as I was playing. The letter menu was inconvenient being that whenever I got a new letter to read I had to scroll all the way down to find it rather than it being at the top. The combat if you enjoy button mashing you might like it but if not, it will probably be very unsatisfying for you. The weapons don’t really have any different effect on the damage you give out. There are traps in this game but they do little damage to you so there is really no point in wasting your time trying to disarm them. Another thing I found annoying was that you had to change your clothes in accordance to which location you were in to blend in so I had to go onto my menu every time to see what I was wearing because this game doesn’t have a third-person view option so if I forgot I was wearing a suit and entered the Garden distract I was instantly attacked. The AI in this game is comical one moment I have the entire town running after me, but I hide behind a potted plant for a couple of seconds and everyone forgets what I did and who I am. The repetitive dialog for the character you are playing was another annoyance I found whenever there was a silent moment my character spits out the same couple sentences over and over. The main problem with this game was that there was no balance when starting out you first play as author and because his story is way longer then the other 2 I thought he was the main protagonist but nope and also his part of the game was very very easy compared to Sally’s who’s in my opinion was extremely more difficult. She is not able to carry big weapons and pretty much used her looks to get what she wanted. All in all, We happy few was a great idea and concept but was poorly told by these bland characters living in a repetitive world. Just like the title I believe only a few will be happy with this game.

DLC lightbearer

You play as Nick Lightbearer a drug-addled musician who you briefly meet in the main game. Nick being that he is a Rockstar he interacts with the world through his guitar. You can serenade fans to gain their help and knock out a group with a killer chord. Like the main game, the DLC Lightbearer was very easy not a challenge in the slightest I don’t even think I died more than twice throughout this whole game. The Boss fights were very bland and felt like they were only there to take up time overall disappointing. There was really no plot to this DLC basically there is a fan killing to get a song written after him it all felt extremely rushed. The mapping is very repetitive just going back and forth through vents and elevators with some fans coming after you, but you could literally just run through them and not really be harmed. It had great visuals and cool characters but it all just seemed very rushed and wasted. This DLC was also very short finishing it under the 2 hours that the game is.

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