Vikings: Valhalla Netflix Review

Vikings: Valhalla is a new show on the streaming giant Netflix! As a huge fan of the original series Vikings, I was excited to give this show a chance by checking it out. The show consists of 8 episodes that are less than an hour for each one, so from the looks of it, you can finish it in a day. With that in mind, that is what I did! I laid down on my bed, hit play and watched the whole first season.

I have to say this: I’m impressed on how good this show is! Is it “Vikings” good? Well, there isn’t a character on there like Ragnar to hook me hard yet they have a cast that is pretty damn good. The story line was ok as I felt it was rushed. If there was more episodes of the first season, I felt I could could digest the story more and invest more on the characters. I do understand Netflix for having just 8 episodes of the show for now. I will say this: check it out and see what you think! I wrote a short review below and SKOL!



  • New Characters
    • I enjoyed learning about the new characters they introduced in this sequel of the original Vikings TV show on History Channel. A few of the characters are descendants of the past characters of the original show like grandsons and granddaughters. The actors and actresses portrayed them very well in each episode.
  • Continuation of Vikings
    • I’m a huge fan of the Vikings show and of course world history! I was floored that Netflix was making a show about Vikings and continuing the story after 100 years when Ragnar Lothbrok first hit the scene and changed their world! With the new story and new characters, I was hooked and enjoyed each episode.


  • Rushed
    • This first season of Vikings: Valhalla overall felt rushed on each episode. I felt the storylines didn’t get to marinate for fans to understand as well as build upon even more. This gave me the impression that after only 8 episodes, so much has happened and couldn’t focus on character development.

Rating: 9 out of 10

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