Liberated: Enhanced Edition Xbox Series S Review

Liberated is a pretty damn cool and unique game that has been out for a while. We were able to review this game before on our previous consoles and were very impressed by the game. With the announcement of Liberated getting the next gen treatment, we couldn’t say no and signed up to try it out as media.

Liberated: Enhanced Edition is out now for next gen systems such as Xbox Series S/X and PlayStation 5. I was able to sit down and try this game out on my Xbox Series S. I have played this game before on my Xbox one where I enjoyed it immensely. I downloaded the game to my Xbox Series S and press play. I had my headphones on as I played as well!



  • Comic Book Style
    • As an avid comic book reader, playing a game that brings you into the pages of the story is pretty damn fun. Each page flip showcased a story for my character who runs away from the law and meets some people who need his skillset. I enjoyed this style as I felt like is unique for many gamers and enhances the storyline.
  • Choices
    • In this game, you make choices for your character that will affect the story of the game. You can say no or yes to a question which can be detrimental for your character. I enjoy choices because it gets me to think like my character and then visualize on what could happen for them. I can think and plan around that choice to know what kind of consequences would be in store for me. Instead of consequences, there could be a victory for me instead.


  • Next Gen?
    • I didn’t really see an update from using this game on my Xbox One to now Xbox Series S. The graphics felt enhanced through my next gen system but didn’t really see anything that sets it apart.

Rating: 9 out of 10

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