The Walking Dead Issue 193 Review *Spoilers*

As fans of The Walking Dead, we were sadden by the recent news of Robert Kirkman’s decision to finish up The Walking Dead comics. Today, I rushed out to my local comic book store and was able to purchase the last issue of the comic book. This is going to be historic from a fan’s point as this is a huge franchise and the comics just abruptly ended. The Walking Dead set numerous trends on how apocalyptic situations should be, how “walkers” should be in movies, and the drama that happens when society fails at that faint moment.

I won’t go much in the latest issue but do talk about the beginning to get your thoughts going for the last issue. I will say this about the ending of the comic. When reading it and just seeing those images, just brings everything in circle of the franchise. The ending was powerful and showcased the mythology that The Walking Dead has created and continues with all their media franchises.

The issue starts off at Carl’s farm where he finds a walker on his property and kills it. He is then shown with Sophia and his daughter Andrea. He goes to town the next morning after dropping her off at school, then Maggie’s son Herschel has a few words with Carl. Carl admitted he killed the walker that was part of Herschel’s traveling show and then Herschel took Carl to court.

I will stop there and let you digest that part and have you finish that up when you get the latest issue of The Walking Dead. The comic was good and showcased a stellar writing that had me hooked throughout the issue. Go to your local comic book store, get this issue and read it. This is how stories are made to be finished!