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Frenemy Pastry Party Coming to Kickstarter

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SAN MATEO (April, 6th, 2020) – Solis Game Studio is proud to announce the localization of
Frenemy Pastry Part in English for the first time. Frenemy Pastry Party is designed by Jessie
Li (well-known as the designer of Ponzi Scheme), and originally published by Mizo Games in

Frenemy Pastry Party is a family-friendly game where players draft ingredients to later bake
cakes. Friends can contribute ingredients and score together but be careful, your friends might
not help you out when you really need them to. Gather the family around and bake some cakes!
The English version of the game will feature an additional Fox animal friend. In addition to the
game, a Caketop Playmat, and animal friend T-shirts will be available as part of the Kickstarter.
Solis Game Studio will be running a Kickstater mid-May and the game is expected to deliver fall

Ages: 8+
Time: 15-30m
Players: 3-6

About Solis Game Studio
Founded in 2020 by the Solis Siblings. Solis Game Studio has published tabletop games under an
old brand ‘CGC Games’ starting in 2014. Chris Solis has created various tabletop games for other
clients such as Level 99 Games and Waterdeep Games. Future studio work will be branded under
Solis Game Studio.

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