Toynk Toy’s GeekiTiki’s Review and Unboxing

For you fun loving and social drinkers that are over 21 years of age, we have something where you will get your geek going with your friends. The lounge is open for business and Toynk Toys is serving you up some amazing collector cups where the drinks are icy and frosty. Toynk Toys has these awesome ceramic cups called Geekitikis and they be part of your Star Wars adventure!

Your favorite Star Wars characters are being immortalized in these cool ceramic collector cups where you won’t be the only one jamming to Stevie Ray Vaughan on those fun nights. Your friends can be part of the force and help conquer those boring nights while having some good drinks from your GeekiTikis! These are can hold up to 14 ounces of any drink that you want to have in them. You can binge watch all Star Wars movies while making sure your frosted to the max.

These are great for fans who like to have adult beverages in something cool! Your collector friends will be astonished on how cool you will be from drinking from these cups. You may have the force in your grasp while drinking and enjoying the night away with friends.

Get your own GeekiTikis here: