Subject:Schiit Magnius – The Highest-Value Headphone Amp Ever

The Schiit team has a new amp, called Magnius.

Magnius is a great-sounding, high-power, super-high-performance headphone amp and preamp with by far the best potentiometer of any amp anywhere near its price, and it includes both balanced and SE preamp outputs. At $199, it’s also 45-150% LESS than competitive products made in low-wage countries, while being designed and built right here in California.

Yes. $199.

Aaaand yes, as always, we are completely and utterly insane.

Magnius product page: 
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Magnius stacks perfectly with Modius, for a $398 DAC/Headphone Amp/Preamp combo.

Magnius is available today at in both black finish. We are accepting applications for reviews, so if you’d like to request a unit, please reply to this email with the following: