ArcheAge: The Ipnysh Sanctuary Opens Its Doors

ArcheAge: Garden of the Gods Ipnysh Sanctuary Opens Its Doors
Explore a formidable new dungeon for powerful gear and more

Hamburg – August 13, 2020, | gamigo has announced that the creaking gates of the Ipnysh Sanctuary have opened in ArcheAge and ArcheAge: Unchained. Players setting off for the new dungeon can take on a host of terrifying challenges to collect mighty gear as they stave off dangerous monsters along the way.


The new dungeon is accessed by completing the main questline of the Garden of the Gods expansion. Once the dungeon’s challenges are complete, successful heroes earn bragging rights and a chance at the new Immortal Warden gear which adds a variety of additional effects to any brave hero’s skills.

Other features of today’s update include:

  • The second season of the Mistsong Banquet is now underway that provides players with new quests and rewards.
  • The new Gods’ Authorities feature that grants skills to the heroes or buffs to faction members that can be utilized in battle.
  • Vitalism and Swiftblade skillsets have been adjusted to give players more freedom in developing their character.

This is a huge update that is sure to please everyone! Check out the ArcheAge official site for more details.

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