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Stoneshard: A Living Review

Stoneshard: A Living Review

This rogue-like dungeon crawler is very deceiving. Underneath its simple appearance lies an angry dragon that’s ready to bite your head off should you make a mistake. In Stoneshard, as if the open-world isn’t brutal enough, you also have to worry about the little things like your character’s thirst and hunger levels, injuries that get worse if you don’t treat them, and your morale and sanity levels! I feel like a disclaimer should be included with the game telling players: “You cannot play this game like most other games you play or your character will die.” I learned this lesson the hard way.

After dying a couple of times from venturing outside the safety of the starting town, I realized that I needed to change my strategy and play it much safer and slower than I would a standard RPG. This is when the game started pulling me in and I realized that the hauntingly good soundtrack was slowly cementing the cold, hateful world I’ve been cast into. It was after this life changing event that I decided to make this my go-to RPG and keep my Stoneshard playthrough videos coming for the foreseeable future and create a living review. With these regular video updates I hope to not only inform but also encourage players who may be struggling with this game and show you that you are not alone and the struggle is real.

Stoneshard is available for PC and on April 14, 2020 Hypetrain Digital released their first major update to Ink Stain’s game named “Trollslayer”. You can find it on Steam if you’re curious about playing it, and I’ve seen the developer stream on Steam several times now if you want to see other gameplay besides mine below.

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