Knight Squad 2 Joins Microsoft’s Xbox One Summer Game Fest Demo Event

Knight Squad 2 Joins Microsoft’s Xbox One Summer Game Fest Demo Event


Because Stride PR has covered Knight Squad 2, the follow-up to Chainsawesome Games chaotic arcade party game enjoyed by more than 1.8 million players, I thought you’d like to know it’s delivering a taste of medieval multiplayer mayhem June 21 to 27 with a demo available on Xbox One as part of the Summer Game Fest demo event.


Watch the Knight Squad 2 Trailer Here


Join the battle with eight knights and duke it out in arenas with classic medieval weaponry and armaments ranging from laser guns to bazookas across 13 modes with zany variants for both free-for-all and team action.


Demo three game modes with four variants (Explosive Bodies, Slippery Floor, Max Powerups, and Random Powerups) to mix and match for hours of wacky fun:


·     Payload: Fight to deliver an explosive minecart to the other squad’s base.


·     Battle Royale: The last knight or team standing wins this epic showdown.


·     Capture the Grail: Earn points by bringing the grail back to base before you, your partner, or squad get killed.

The full version of Knight Squad 2, in development for PC and Xbox One with cross-platform online, launches in Q4 2020.


To stay up to date on all things Knight Squad 2, visit the official website, join the community on Discord, follow the game on Twitter, and like the Facebook page.

Are you interested in receiving an early look at Knight Squad 2’s Summer Game Fest demo? If so, please reply to me directly and I’ll be happy to get you an Xbox One preview key.





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