Southwest Flight To Boston Feb 28th to March 2

On Feb 28th, My team and I took the trek to Boston from our hometown of San Antonio, TX. We chose to fly with Southwest airlines and of course we did a roundtrip. Here is our review of the flight to Boston Logan and back to San Antonio.

The team is gathered quite early for our trip, and we were anxious to make our way to Boston. I am the only one that has flown before with Southwest, so this is my team’s first time using Southwest. My team was able to check in their luggage free of course to be sent to Boston Logan Airport. I took my items inside the plane as carry on; as I like to have my things near me as I usually pack very little. We flew from San Antonio to St. Louis first to change plans. The weather was a tad bit windy but I was able to handle the landing. I took my motion sickness pills prior to entering the flight just for your information. Once we are in St. Louis, we then board our second flight to Boston Logan airport. The flight was good but towards the landing, I did get my motion sickness and had a little bit of a coughing  but I was ok afterwards. The stewardess was able to help me and gave me additional napkins to help out in my situation.

We arrived in Boston! Yay!

We did media for PAX East and had a very good time in Boston but now its time to come back home. We arrived bright and early to Boston Logan airport through our hotel shuttle. We boarded the plane and had a little turbulent flight to St. Louis. I was a little nervous but the pilot rest assured that we are safe and sound. Once at St. Louis, we were able to change planes. The flight from St. Louis to San Antonio was very good, and I was able to watch live TV on my iPhone. I was astonished as Southwest now provided that for their customers. I watched the Price is Right and of course some shows on Discovery channel. The flight to San Antonio was good and we made it a few minutes early.

We enjoyed our flights from Southwest and will continue to fly with them!

If you need any more information about Southwest or booking with them, CLICK HERE