Artist of the Month March 2020

Art showcases a person’s spirituality in the realm of mirrored universes. The dangling fruit from the trees sway with the breeze as emulation is done from a canvas. The colors and curves line up to create an image of what the artist see’s through his eyes. The eye of the beholder see’s a world totally different than what we normally see as they can spot the curves, spot the colors and sway with the dangling fruit with ease. This next Artist of the Month, keeps his fans on their toes with the innovative art he portrays.


Drop The Spotlight’s Artist of the Month for March 2020 is The Fantastic Art of Freddy Lopez


Freddy Lopez Jr. is professional illustrator and comic artist in South Texas. He has worked with many big names in the comic industry and collaborated on genres such as superheroes to fantasy to sci fi. His artwork is spotted all over the city of San Antonio as well as fan’s homes as well. He has been at various comic conventions and trade shows showcasing his art to his fans.

Our team were able to see his art first hand by attending last year’s Monster Con. He was working on some horror paintings at the time. The latest paintings he has done has captured the audiences attention with his Mandalorian paintings from the hit Disney + show.

You can find more information for commissions from The Fantastic Art of Freddy Lopez:



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