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Privacy Hero Announces Beta Launch of New Privacy and Security Focused High Performance Router


May 13, 2022 — Toronto-based Privacy Hero announced last week the official Beta version launch of its new, groundbreaking high-performance router designed exclusively for privacy and security.

A WiFi 6 VPN router that reaches VPN speeds up to 200Mbps, Privacy Hero serves as a smart command center for connected homes, providing protection, control and visibility for home and office networks. Comprised of proprietary tools designed with security as its top priority, Privacy Hero protects home and home office networks with advanced features and several industry firsts including:

Always on, whole home VPN

  • Automatic recognition of device types including IOT devices
  • Smart device firewalling on local network – automatic directional limit on communication between IOT devices and sensitive devices such as smartphones and computers.
  • Work from home network – isolate home office devices such as printers, scanners and computers to a separate virtual network to protect communications and sensitive data.
  • Streaming and gaming optimization – auto recognition of streaming and gaming traffic to bypass VPN and avoid lag and VPN blocks.

“There are a myriad of reasons why the security of your home and workplace routers are critical in today’s environment,” said Privacy Hero CMO Jason Salzman.

“Privacy Hero effectively eliminates a large segment of the threats that face home networks including unsecured IOT devices, external monitoring and hacking.”

Privacy Hero is presently undergoing beta testing across North America and seeks additional Beta testers to provide input. Individuals interested in participating can register at Privacy Hero is slated to hit the market in Q3 2022 at a price point of $249.99 for the router and 1 year of service. Beta test participants, if accepted, can enjoy the Privacy Hero Router and service for only $30.



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