CJ Cooper new album Are We There Yet? is out now!

CJ Cooper new album Are We There Yet? is out now! This will be CJ’s second album that she will be debuting and its pretty damn good! Her voice takes you on a journey that helps you explore the unimaginative thoughts. Those thoughts are sometimes well hidden because we are too nervous or scared to confront them. She gives you that energy and soul to not only confront them but give you at ease with those hidden thoughts.

I’m enjoying her songs on the album including: Blue Moon, Red Flags, Soul Mate, and This Train. Are We There Yet? is a fantastic album all around that will have you replaying each song a few times or more. I’m enjoying her voice, the music that accompanies her voice, and the lyrics. A very well rounded album that will surely thrill your headphones with a constant jam!

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Listen here:

Who is CJ Cooper?

Guelph, Ontario has much to offer in the way of CJ Cooper. With a sound bordering on pop, country and rock, CJ’s unique sound draws references from Julia Michaels, Tate McCrae, Noah Cyrus and Kelly Clarkson.
At 21 years old, CJ has already played at the Rogers Cup, toured on the Toronto to Vancouver ViaRail train and played several shows as part of Canadian Music Week and award winning show choir KW Glee. In 2020 and 2021, CJ was given a “Community Hero Award” from the Mayor and was voted “Top Local Musician ”  in Guelph.
She released her debut album “Look Ahead” at 18 years old and has since released several singles and videos leading up to her next release. CJ attended Seneca College’s Independent Songwriting & Performance program and May 2022 will see CJ releasing her highly anticipated sophomore album.
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