Population Zero: Twitch Drops are back on Kepler!

Twitch Drops are back on Kepler!

Moscow based Enplex Games relaunched Twitch Drops campaign with a new set of rewards.

July 17, 2020 г., Moscow.| We are inviting every survival games enthusiast to Population Zero Twitch streams where they can earn new awesome rewards:

  • Exclusive Twitch-themed Helmet and Banner
  • Twitch Survivalist Packs with resources, medkits and other items that will greatly increase their chances of survival in the early game
  • Twitch Warrior Packs with weapons, pieces of armor and other items that will improve players’ combat capabilities

The acquired drops become available at the start of each new 7-day cycle. New players will find their reward in the inventory screen after completing the Drop Zone.

To claim the reward, players have to:

  • Input their Steam login at https://pzonline.com/login
  • Link their Twitch profile in the TWITCH DROPS section
  • watch Population Zero streams on Twitch

The streamers offering Drops have a special notification under the broadcast window. Players can learn more about Twitch Drops here.

Yesterday we released a minor patch that includes a few bug fixes and visual and UI enhancements. See full patch notes on our Steam Community Page.