PENULTIMAN #3 Comic Book Review

The first few pages showed Penultiman talking about what would happen if he quit protecting the world. While he was complementing this, many people were being transformed into literal dinosaurs. As Penultiman kept on thinking on the reasons why he shouldn’t care on protecting the planet, we continue to see individuals turn into the next rendition of Jurassic Park. Then he started to trap the dinosaurs from roaming or attacking others while flying to stop a mechanized comet that looks like it would start the stone age all over again. After he destroyed the comet, he flew and found Veck’s laboratory using a key piece from the comet. He then destroys the machines around Veck but Veck had plans of his own with a laser gun pointed at Penultiman. Veck’s laser was suppose to turn Penultiman into a dinosaur too but…it didn’t work. Then Penultiman revealed to Veck though, that he wasn’t Penultiman but Antepenultiman.

Then the story goes back to Penultiman angry about Antepenultiman revealing it was him instead of him. Then Penultiman starts to read a book to think more positive and to like himself. This would be whirlwind as Penultiman tried to reenact the words to the book during a situation but may have hurt himself more than what the book was trying to accomplish.

I have to say the story is top notch in this series! I don’t know how the writer creates these situations such as people turning into dinosaurs because of an evil person. This is very unique and unheard of in my mind which got myself invested more in the first few pages. The art in the pages is just first class; You can feel Penultiman’s emotions as he is trying to do good but just doesn’t understand what he is doing. Then he puts up that fake smile to show “positive emotion” just got me laughing hard.

This is a very good issue and dig it hard!

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(W) Tom Peyer

(A) Alan Robinson

(C) Alan Robinson


Penultiman seeks a way out of his emotional spiral by reading a self-help book about positivity, then starts acting like a jerk in public. His android understudy, Antepenultiman, ruins Penultiman’s secret identity. Plus the usual AHOY extra prose stories and illustrations!


December 9, 2020