The CW Pandora Season 2 Review

The CW’s Pandora just had their season two 2 part finale on The CW channel and APP. We watched from the start of the season until now and we are excited to see how the show has shaped up throughout this year. The finale was exciting as you watched who really betrayed the rest of the group and Jesus Christ, you wouldn’t believe it. We are going to do a spoiler free review below. We highly recommend to go to The CW APP and catch up with season 2!



  • More In-depth Story:
    • This season provided an more in-depth storyline for all characters in the show. We saw more backstory elements for Jax, Professor Osborn, Professor Shral, Jett, and of course Xander. The backstory of the characters contributed to the episodes to exhibit a more emotional response. You gasp or hug your pillow tight as you watch as certain histories of a character is shown. By the time we get to the part 2 finale, we see how those stories are more intertwined than what we may have believed.
  • New Characters:
    • We are introduced to Jax’s new roommate Zazie as she is there to replace Pilar. Zazie is trying to be part of the group as she feels like an outcast but we learn more about her story later on throughout the season.
    • Admiral Meredith Lucas is the new leader of Earthcom as Professor Osborn is in hiding. She does things by the book but she does have ulterior motives as we learn more by the two part season finale.
    • Jett isn’t really a new character per se but his journey as a more fitting character in the story is generally accepted. He will be helping them out more as he has access to the data stream.
  • Overall Look and Feel
    • The first season was a bit rough as it felt more like a rom-com than an actual sci fi show. I understand this is on The CW channel and they do things their certain way. This season, this show actually feels more like a sci-fi show for fans to watch and envision a deep path into space. Yes there is still elements of “the cw” but this is vastly improved into a sci fi feeling.


  • Episode Different Date Premieres
    • I know this was out of their hands but with the pandemic, much of the shooting for the show changed. We experienced many episodes later on throughout the year than the original time frame. I didn’t know what days were the premiere of an episode which was confusing for myself.

Rating: 9.5 out of 10

The CW’s Pandora is a sci fi show that helps remind you of why the galaxy has to be saved. Jax and her friends had to learn why they really needed to save the galaxy throughout the episodes. This season provided a lot of new characters in the show, more in-depth storyline, and a better overall look and feel. I know the pandemic was hard with filming and the premiere dates were scattered throughout the year. Overall, this show has vastly improved in my eyes from Season 1 and gave it a breath of fresh air for the character Jax. You can really feel her stride as she wants to make sure the galaxy is saved by the ancients sparing it. The season two part 2 finale was just amazing and every story made sense towards the end. I enjoyed this show a lot this season!

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