Today, PAYDAY releases ‘P.U.K.E. Tapes Vol. 3’, the latest bombastic installment from her popular ‘P.U.K.E. Tapes series, the first two of which debuted in the summer of 2020, thus putting PAYDAY firmly on the map as one-to-watch. Also out today, the official music video for the EP’s focus track, “Cry.” Written and conceptualized by PAYDAY, the video explores “toxic masculinity” and the tendency for men to keep their emotions bottled up, doing everything in their power to maintain that stereotypical “machismo” image.

P.U.K.E. Tapes Vol. 3 Stream:

“Men/boys pretending to like traditionally manly things just because it’s the norm feeds into toxic masculinity and can be super harmful,” PAYDAY explains. “That’s what the song and video shows—crying isn’t a sign of weakness.” 

Bolstered by PAYDAY’s knack for spitting lyrics and her signature quick wit, complemented by production from heavyweights SickDrumz, Andy M from Death Grips, Wilie Tafa, Peter Lalich and Nick “Unknown Nick” Audino, this four-track collection includes two previously unreleased tracks “Meow God” and “Cry,” alongside fan favorites “Dolphin,” and “Big Boy.” On the latter, her lyrical acrobatics collide with the affirmation, “I’m a girl, I’m a girl, yeah I know, but I got a big mouth and a big boy flow.Big Boy” is resonating with fans worldwide, seeing more than 200K combined global streams in less than a week. Watch the Gabe Hostetler-directed video for “Big BoyHERE.

On ‘P.U.K.E. Tapes Vol. 3’ being released, PAYDAY reveals, “I’m so stoked for P.U.K.E Tapes 3 as an EP and each song carries a special meaning even though I’m also being super weird with each record. With ‘Dolphin’ and ‘Meow God’ I’m on some freedom and unafraid shit. With ‘Big Boy’ I hope people feel empowered by it… like.. go on be on some big boy shit if you want ! What the fuck is even a big boy anyways ?! ‘Cry’ showcases a bit more of my vocal ability and is pretty self-explanatory… The first line is “you’re not as cool as you think that you are” Like, I see right through you bro. Drop the act, you’re really not as cool as you think that you are! THIS IS GOING TO BE The MOST EXPLOSIVE PUKE TAPE YET !!”

Credit: Alexandra Gavillet

Explaining the origins of the ‘P.U.K.E. Tapes’ title, she explains, “I do so many different things…I’ll make a poppier song, or I’ll go in and really spit, or I’ll get depressed. It’s literally like puke, so I made this acronym with a deeper meaning: Payday’s Unbelievably Killer EP. It’s a random assortment of songs…like word vomit.”


This latest collection of commanding, genre-defying bangers is just the tip of the ice-berg of what’s to come from the proud all-American blue-collar California-born and based (by-way-of Louisiana, Texas and Seattle) teen.


At the end of last year, PAYDAY officially closed out 2020 with the official release of her 11 track mixtape, ‘It’s Just Music,’ written and performed by the teenager. Listen HERE. In October, she also dropped the official music video for ‘Guts,’ which NYLON hailed as “a sweet lil’ love song for the love-avoidant.” Watch the official music video for ‘Guts’ HERE.


PAYDAY spent most her childhood traveling state-to-state with her family, wherever they could find work. Often an outsider at whatever school she found herself each month or year, PAYDAY grew increasingly angry at the world, eventually finding an escape in music and a reliable friend in a Nintendo DS and $14 dollar mic she purchased at Walmart. From 8-years-old, she immersed herself in poem and lyrics, raps and beats, eventually evolving into all things PAYDAY.It’s crazy, I went from being the weird new kid with a southern accent, to the cool kid who knew how to rap and produce music.”  Suddenly, the kids who once bullied her for being the weird outsider, all wanted to be her friend, and PAYDAY found her calling spitting rhymes and lyrics in the school playground and producing music in her bedroom.


Fast forward 2019, PAYDAY officially entered the scene and unintentionally amassed quite the cult following with the release of her debut single ‘Super Thicc,’ which soon prompted A&R’s and music blogs to come knocking. Inspired by everything from Tyler, The Creator, Lil Uzi, OutKast, and Kanye to Charlie XCX, Paramore and My Chemical Romance, PAYDAY is a welcomed and refreshing genre-defying voice for her generation. Having spent most of 2020 writing and recording music, PAYDAY is undoubtedly poised as one to watch and to break big in 2021.


With more P.U.K.E. and other projects on deck, PAYDAY consistently inches closer to making this ambition a reality.



‘P.U.K.E. Tapes Vol. 3’ is out everywhere now.