Deborah Williams Channels Portishead in Cinematic Pop Debut

A child of the theatre, Deborah Williams was surrounded by music and the arts from day one. Daughter to a world-renowned lighting designer and a professional ballerina, Deborah spent many hours of her youth backstage, soaking everything in. From a young age, she was a keen songwriter and musician, playing the piano, flute and singing.


During her studies at the London International Film School, Deborah Williams spent much of her time around Tin Pan Alley, a renowned hub for open mic nights and bands. It didn’t take her long to realise her passion was in music, and as she began working as a runner and director’s assistant on film sets, she would spend her evenings and weekends gigging.


After taking some time away from music to focus on motherhood, Deborah began uploading her own music to YouTube, gaining the attention of directors who wished to use her music in commercials and short films. Building up her skills in production and mastering, she has also produced two albums for EMI.


Deborah Williams is now in the process of releasing her debut album, with ‘Show Me the Way’ as the lead single.


‘Show Me the Way’ is a glamorous and atmospheric piece of piano-based pop, drawing influence from classic trip hop artists like Massive Attack and Portishead, whilst also infusing the orchestral backing and layered vocals of acts like Florence + the Machine. The result is gorgeous, refined and cinematic, with stunning production on all fronts and a mesmerising vocal performance.


Lyrically, Deborah tackles the feeling of being lost within one’s life. By discussing her own experiences in the subject, Deborah hopes to provide reassurance and guidance to those currently feeling adrift in the world.