Snelson: Comedy Is Dying #3 – Ahoy Comics Review

By: John C. Mayberry


There are truly not enough good things I can say about this miniseries, and for the third time in a row Ahoy Comics’ Snelson: Comedy Is Dying has not disappointed.  I’m enjoying following the exploits of Melville Snelson in every issue I read, and the more I go further into his story, the more invested in it I become.  You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you may even go “What the hell were you thinking?” in one truly cringe-worthy moment, but one way or another you absolutely need to keep up with this miniseries.


Seemingly coming to terms with his situation, Snelson’s career seems to be taking an upturn.  Having good shows, celebrating with friends afterwards, everything is starting to look good for our guy here.  But this series just wouldn’t be as good if you weren’t taken for an unexpected turn of events, which is delivered in a way that will have you clenching your teeth in embarrassment and hanging your head in shame for Snelson himself.


Seeing more of the dramatic side without as much of the humor of previous issues was different, but no less welcome because of how much it genuinely deepened the story.  Snelson: Comedy Is Dying deserves all the attention it gets, and even more on top of that.  And I promise, if I never get to see this as an original series on some streaming network in the future (with the original creators involved, of course) I will riot!



Usage of color – I’m always a sucker for well-used color tones in any art piece, and this third issue nails it.  The mood of the story is perfectly set in every hue used, emphasizing the more elated moments as well as those more somber in tone.  Although this isn’t the only thing that really brings out the drama of the story, there is still…

Everything that was great before – The artwork and writing continue to be on point as it was in the first two issues.  You’re still presented with a fantastic read that’s becoming increasingly dramatic while still retaining an appropriate amount of humor, without one thing taking on a bigger presence over another.


OVERALL SCORE – 10 out of 10

Another issue in, and I’m still as thoroughly entertained as I was when I finished the first one.  With at least a couple of more issues to go, it’s too bad I have to eventually see such a great story come to an end, but then again, that may be what makes this such a special read.  Even if the length of this miniseries isn’t one that some may consider overly long, it’s truly the content (the characters, story, artwork, coloring, essentially everything) that makes Snelson: Comedy Is Dying another of my all-time favorite reads.

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